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Favorite Episodes:Texas Abortion Ban Fallout, Movie Docs, and Fall COVID Shots (9/1/23)Big Medical Bill; GLP-1 Agonist Plateau; Grateful Patient Fundraising (9/29/23)

Of New York’s 20,000 street vendors, nearly all of them are immigrants, and most are unlicensed. That makes them vulnerable to harassment, fines, and even arrest. In Corona Plaza in Queens, vendors are coming together to push for change. This episode is the story of those vendors.

Hosted by: Hannah BottumReported by: Rachael Robertson and Hannah Bottom Senior Produced by: Michayla SavittSound Editing & Design: Michayla SavittManaging Editor: Meg CramerOriginal Music: Salman Ahad KhanArchival audio: NYC Municipal ArchivesSpecial thanks to: Veronica Fructuoso and the other Corona Plaza vendors, Hafeezat Bishi, and Alana Casanova-Burgess
Queer Soup Night Short Feature

Queer Soup Night

The potluck event series called Queer Soup Night was created in the wake of the 2016 election. It had a cult following before the pandemic. I reported on their first event in two years at Fort Greene Park with hundreds of people and 32 quarts of soup.

This story aired on the 2021 season finale of AudioFiles!

20221207_HumanCompostingTwoWay_01 (Made by Headliner).mp4

Human composting in New York

New York might be the next state to legalize NOR: Natural Organic Reduction (AKA human composting). I went on the AudioFiles podcast to share my reporting on what that could look like and how we got here. 

A shortened version of this reported two-way aired on the 2022 season finale. A transcript of the full segment is available here.

20221113_RadioRace_Secrets_4 (Made by Headliner).mp4

Who's all gay here?

This year's KCRW Radio Race prompt was: your secret is safe with me. I called up high school classmates I hadn't talked to in a decade to discuss our obsession with finding lesbians...long before we realized it was us.

You can also listen on the 2022 Radio Race playlist.

20220428_AudioFeature2_Nets_2 (Made by Headliner).mp4

Nothing but nets

The NYC Parks Department doesn't install nets on city courts. I followed one Brooklyn man, a self described "net fairy," who is taking matters into his own hands, armed with a ladder and resolve to play on nice courts.

This piece is published on the NYCity News Service!

Shelved - Mini Doc

Shelved audio documentary trailer

My grandfather died in late 2020 from COVID complications. For two years, his ashes remained shelved at the crematorium while my bi-coastal family waited to mourn together in person. The full audio documentary is available to listen to by request - I'm still pitching it around ☺